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Study examines impact of major vs. impact of college prestige on women's earnings

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For women, and especially disadvantaged women, what they study may be more important than where they study -- if they aspire to close the pay gap with men.

McGill professor manages to turn down student request and gain popularity

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McGill professor -- petitioned by students to extend a paper deadline -- makes them laugh while turning them down.

Professor says what he thinks, and regrets it

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Have you ever wished you could tell a student what you really think? One professor recently did so, and regrets the way he did it (if not the substance).

Study documents how much students text during class

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More than 90 percent of students admit to using their digital devices for non-class activities during class, study finds.

Study finds that students learn more from non-tenure-track instructors

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Students at major research university learn more when their instructors are off the tenure track than when they are on it, new study finds.

Florida Atlantic rehires adjunct at center of controversy over class exercise

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Florida Atlantic rehires instructor at center of controversial class exercise involving the name "Jesus." University reconsiders ban on exercise. Faculty Senate finds administrators "dismally failed" on academic freedom.

Outrage over professor's Twitter post on obese students

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Professor sets off furor with comment on Twitter about obese Ph.D. applicants.

AAUP survey finds that average faculty salary increased by rate of inflation in last year

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AAUP's annual survey shows modest pay gains, but low rate of inflation means that many full-time faculty members have a bit more spending power. Salaries and raises are larger at private than at public institutions.

Senate vote prompts discussion among political scientists about their political strategy

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Senate vote to bar support from the NSF has many scholars wondering whether their discipline needs a new strategy. Also being debated: Was an exception to the ban a win for research or a loss on principle?

Study finds minimal increases in average faculty salaries

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Median base salaries for tenure-track professors at four-year institutions were up 2.1% in 2012, about the rate of inflation. Increases at private institutions outpaced those at publics.


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