Cosby trial calls into question trustee ethics

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Bill Cosby’s lawyers argued in his recent sexual assault case that he had a consensual relationship with a Temple University employee while he was a trustee -- but experts say that still crosses a line.

Accreditor examines Alabama's public university governance

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The governor’s heavy involvement in public college and university boards gives Southern quality-assurance agency pause.

Chicago State struggles under questions of enrollment, finance, leadership

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“I just wonder how long we can go,” one faculty member at the financially struggling public university says.

Survey of presidents and board members suggests shared governance matters to them but could be improved upon

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Survey of presidents and trustees shows they value relationships with faculty members and want to improve them, but within some limits.

Report outlines trustee frustrations over transparency and finances

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Board members at comprehensive universities are often frustrated by their own lack of knowledge or understanding about the institutions they're tasked with leading, a new report finds.

At Cornell's medical college, father passes board chair position to daughter

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At Cornell University's medical college, the daughter of a wealthy donor is replacing her father as leader of its board.

Trustees told they need to step up their game or risk higher education's future

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Poor board governance could risk the future of American higher education, according to a new report by the Association of Governing Boards.


College presidents harbor doubts about governing boards

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Only 3 percent of presidents are strongly confident American colleges are well-governed by trustees, and a large majority of public four-year presidents would replace their boards if they could, survey finds.

U.Va. remains battleground of national debate about governance

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U.Va. remains a battleground in the broader debate about what roles faculty and board members should play in governance, even as campus tensions linger.

U of Texas political tensions to come to a head in legislative hearings this spring

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Years of tension between state policy makers and administrators at the University of Texas at Austin could come to a head in a series of legislative battles this spring.


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