Advice for Senate on Nonprofit Boards

Smart Title: 
Federal scrutiny of governance is good, but law or regulation would be a mistake, guests tell Congressional aides.

Mysterious Departures at Andrews U.

Smart Title: 
Faculty and staff perplexed and board mum as 3 top administrators quit on the same day.

In the Hot Seat

Smart Title: 
Chairman of Maryland public university board is third since 1999 to face questions of ethics.

Renewing the Presidency

Smart Title: 
Sabbaticals are common in higher education -- for professors. Should more college chief executives take them?

Who Investigates a President?

Smart Title: 
If a professor, dean or student is accused of wrongdoing, colleges have procedures. But allegations against presidents raise tough issues.

Gallaudet Opposition Grows

Smart Title: 
Faculty members -- in series of votes -- join students opposed to the board and its choice for president.

Difficult Separation for Belmont

Smart Title: 
Inspired by long-lost document, Tennessee Baptists reject plan for independence; fight looms and could spread to other colleges.

Tactical Retreat

Smart Title: 
Amid faculty criticism, West Point superintendent withdraws after UNLV regent panel picks him as choice for president.

An Order From Congress

Smart Title: 
Powerful senator threatens to intervene at American University if governance reforms aren't enacted.

A Question of Independence

Smart Title: 
Review of plagiarism charges against Wesley president was orchestrated by consultant who's a mentor to the accused.


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