Politics and the College Presidency

A candidate for West Virginia U.'s top job faces controversy over alleged conflicts of interest.

Stacking the Deck?

Appointment of harsh critic to U.S. panel that reviews accreditors seen as part of broader effort to alter federal role in college oversight.

Morehouse's Choice

Imagine a book in which the author devotes a section to the "crisis of moral purpose" among colleges, calls for presidents to become their colleges' "chief ethical officers" and to stop focusing so much on fund raising, praises presidents of the past who devoted commencement addresses to institutional failings rather than the "pieties" and "superficial inspiration" that are heard today, and criticizes students who focus on their own advancement as opposed to giving more of themselves to their community.

Southern Discomfort

Sexual harassment charges against university’s board chairman lead to suspensions for him and system’s president.

Harvard's Sort-of Divestment

Two years ago, Harvard University became the first major university to announce a policy of selling off stocks in companies that operate in Sudan in ways that support the genocide taking place in Darfur. The announcement was huge for the nascent movement to push universities to take a stand on Darfur. No university has a larger endowment.

The Final Straw

Members of a California community college's Board of Trustees face potential recall election after a string of controversies.

Peripatetic President

Gordon Gee stuns Vanderbilt -- site of his fifth presidency -- by quitting to return to Ohio State, site of his third and soon-to-be sixth.

A Board Implodes Over N-Word

At Roger Williams U., 3 board members who criticized chair's use of racial slur are ousted; chair then leaves, too.

Fallout From a Cover-Up

Eastern Michigan president is fired and two other officials agree to quit in wake of reports about failure to inform students of campus murder.

Law School Will Lose Name of Donor Who Used Slur

Former board chair who used slur requests change as Roger Williams students and faculty protested association with him.


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