When the Base Disappears

Political support wanes for West Virginia U. president, suggesting the vulnerabilities for campus leaders who lack academic credibility.

Power Grab at DuPage

Board issues plan to adopt "Academic Bill of Rights," end faculty control of curriculum, and give trustees authority over student newspaper content and outside speakers.

More Women on College Boards

National survey finds slow but steady progress in gender diversity among higher education trustees.

Who Are Community College Trustees?

New survey finds limited racial diversity and more wealth than some experts expected.

Trustee Troubles

New monograph offers anonymous presidents’ candid accounts of dealing with “rogue” community college board members.

Seeing Red in a Land of Green

As others hunkered down, Greensboro College embarked on massive growth and gave raises in the leanest of years. Now it's fighting for survival.

90 Pages of Scandal

New Jersey attorney general sues Stevens Institute of Technology, seeking to oust president and board chair who are accused of breaking rule after rule.

Call for Board Engagement

In joint statement, the Association of Governing Boards and the Council for Higher Education Accreditation urge trustees to get involved in the accreditation process.

A Trustee Calls the Plays

Florida State board chairman says it's time for the university's longtime football coach to go, arguably ignoring state and national guidelines about interference in sports programs.

A Board Out of Control

Special accrediting panel finds Maricopa trustees in violation of numerous standards and to be lacking in civility or knowledge of their roles.


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