Old School Shimer

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Shimer College’s new interim president signaled efforts Tuesday to end a contentious chapter at the small Chicago-based institution, pledging to uphold traditions many had seen as being under fire during his predecessor’s short and controversial tenure.

Psst ... You're Fired

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If a public university president is forced out, does she make a sound? In most cases she does, but apparently not in some parts of Connecticut.

Power Play

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Some U. of California academic senators are poised to remove chairman, but their ability to do so is unclear.

Toledo Chief Raked Over Coals

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In a scathing review of his controversial presidency at the University of Toledo, faculty are calling Lloyd Jacobs a tyrannical micromanager who “obviously thinks we are idiots.”

Deciding Not to Ask

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Amid fears of a possible “double-dip” recession and simmering anti-tax sentiment, community colleges with pressing facilities needs are deciding they cannot risk a defeat in a bond vote – and so are not going before voters on this November’s ballot to ask for the funds to properly address them.

Stuck in the Middle

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Two senior administrators at Kansas university gave regents information about the president -- who they say then fired them for doing so.

Search Endeavor Questioned

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Association of Governing Boards touts its expertise as it starts new business, but some potential competitors say conflicts of interest may emerge.

The New Community College Tuition Hike

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More two-year institutions consider charging more for in-demand workforce programs as state funds are cut.

Democratic Governors, Female Trustees

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Odds of public college board members being female depend on who is leading a state.

Tightening Reins on Tuition

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In what might best be described as a game of chicken over tuition policy, a handful of public colleges in South Carolina have yet to back down.

Flexing notable muscle in late September, the State Budget and Control Board declared that it would not approve any construction projects on campuses that hiked tuition by 7 percent or more this year, barring those that would agree to roll it back for spring 2011. A slightly lower threshold of 6.3 percent was set for community colleges and technical colleges.


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