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Journal article explains how Russian bots created fear at University of Missouri


Journal article reveals that anger and confusion at University of Missouri in 2015 were due in part to fabricated reports that were part of a disinformation campaign from Russia.

Research suggests that colleges broaden students' political views


Study counters widely held views about how students' political views change when they arrive in college.

Experts: States likely to keep abolishing free-speech zones

State legislatures are banning spaces colleges have carved out for free expression and protest that many consider restrictive.

University of Alabama may have violated First Amendment by kicking out racist student, experts say


Civil liberties supporters want University of Alabama president to reverse expulsion of student who posted racist rants, saying her First Amendment rights were violated.

Study: College students don't have confidence they'll land a job

A new study says students don't feel confident they can find a job or succeed when they land one. 

After hazing death, fraternity banned from Pennsylvania for 10 years

Pi Delta Psi can't operate in Pennsylvania for a decade after a hazing death, a stringent, unheard-of punishment likely to make waves in the Greek world.

HEA proposal allows campuses to delay reviews of sexual assaults

Republican proposal would allow colleges to delay campus assault proceedings at law enforcement request, amend reporting requirements.

Texas State president blasts "racist" student column


Texas State's president calls an opinion piece published by the student newspaper "racist." Others have demanded the paper's funding be pulled. Minority students defend the publication and say their views are being squelched.

Punishments for shouting down college speakers run the gamut

Colleges and universities aren’t eager to punish students who shout down speakers, but they must follow their own policies and foster an environment conducive to free speech, experts say.

Experts: Punishments, bans not effective in changing Greek culture

Experts say suspending fraternities and sororities, as many colleges have done in recent weeks, does little to address underlying problems of Greek life.


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