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New round in debate over Ann Coulter and her right to speak at Berkeley

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She refuses to speak when university says it would be safe and insists she will appear this week. Milo Yiannopoulos says he's coming back in the fall.

Auburn, Berkeley incidents illustrate how difficult it is for public colleges to bar speakers

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Officials at Auburn and Berkeley tried to stop two controversial speakers on campus but ended up reversing their decisions amid First Amendment concerns. Experts say it's difficult for public institutions to meet legal tests and keep speakers from campus.

Students and sugar daddies in age of student debt

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The cheerleading team at Coastal Carolina University was suspended because some members allegedly set up an escort service through Seeking Arrangement, drawing attention to the online operation.

Controversial Georgia sexual assault bill prompts debate on reporting

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Georgia legislation that would have forced more sex-crime cases into the hands of law enforcement failed, but marks a growing nationwide debate.

Protest over speaker's views on race and crime prevents event from taking place as planned at Claremont McKenna

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Protest outside event at Claremont McKenna prevents Heather Mac Donald event from having an in-person audience. Question period of appearance at UCLA is disrupted as well.

University of Michigan students displeased there's no graduation speaker

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Some students at the University of Michigan are unhappy that the administration is eschewing tradition by not booking a central graduation speaker, instead focusing on the institution's bicentennial.

Anxiety and depression are the primary concerns for students seeking counseling services

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Survey of campus counseling centers finds increased demand for services, as well as additional positions and more diversity in hiring.

Questions about efficacy of college prep programs as White House vows evidence-based cuts

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White House promises proposed cuts to college-prep programs will be guided by evidence. But past attempts to evaluate the programs have been beset by controversy.

U Chicago committee proposes ways of dealing with those who shout down invited speakers

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As colleges debate what to do about shouting down of speakers, faculty panel at U of Chicago issues a report calling for "free speech deans on call," punishments in some cases and process for removing protesters from events.

Debates on cultural appropriation in higher education

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Hampshire students accused of attacking Central Maine Community College students over braids in their hair. Conflict is latest over contested adoption of one culture's styles by another.


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