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Digital Freedom Group's road to recognition sparks legal debate at Iowa State U.

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A student group's road to recognition at Iowa State University leads the institution to examine where privacy and legality overlap.

NSSE 2013 measure student engagement and learning outcomes

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Revamped version of annual survey, NSSE, examines students' use of effective learning practices, academic advising and technology in the classroom.

Study links binge drinking and low critical thinking skills, with a caveat

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Students who binge drink during college have significantly worse critical thinking skills than non-bingers upon graduation -- but only if they started college with comparatively low skills, study says.

Segregated sororities not limited to Alabama, experts say

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Segregation in sororities is neither a surprise nor unique to Alabama, experts on the Greek system say.

Student protesters accuse Florida Atlantic University of violating their First Amendment rights

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After being punished for interrupting a pro-Israel speaker, students accuse Florida Atlantic University of violating their First Amendment rights.

Accused of rape, men allege discrimination under Title IX

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Some male students accused of rape are suing colleges, saying they are the victims of sex discrimination. Experts doubt they will succeed, but cases could focus more attention on due process issues.

Changing the 'hook-up culture' conversation on college campuses

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A New York Times piece about the sex lives of Ivy League women elicited quite a bit of eye-rolling. Some college students are trying to change the "hook-up culture" conversation.


As feds tell colleges to support parenting students, a sophomore is turned away from exam for bringing her baby

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Just as U.S. Education Department tells colleges to better support pregnant and parenting students, a sophomore says she was turned away from an exam for bringing her baby. Whether the new U.S. guidance applies is unclear.

Student activists spur sexual assault complaints, but some say Education Department is overstepping its bounds

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Student activists have shined a national spotlight on sexual assault on campuses, but others are encouraging colleges to fight back against federal rules they say are overreaching.

Following criticism, Otterbein changes sexual assault policy

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Otterbein stops requiring victims of sexual assault to sign form saying they should not discuss the matter.


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