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Colleges turning to judges in campus sexual assault cases

Some colleges are hiring retired judges to run hearings on sexual assault charges. Is this an improvement?

Greek councils, administrators clash over how to sanction fraternities

Should all-male panels of fraternity members be deciding on the guilt of fraternities accused of, among other things, harassing and violating the privacy of women? Can Greek systems be fair in judging their own?

New survey finds 1 in 5 college women have experienced sexual assault

Federal study showing that 20 percent of college women were sexually assaulted has been widely questioned, but a new national study has the same finding.

Greek students at Missouri outraged by proposals to ban women from visiting fraternities on weekend nights

U of Missouri considers plan to bar women from visiting fraternity houses on weekend nights. University says idea is to prevent sexual assault, but sorority leaders are among those most opposed.

Language in sexual assault surveys criticized by students as triggering

Some colleges conducting climate surveys are criticized by sexual assault victims and advocates for the explicit questions. But researchers say such language is key.

What kind of resources do colleges provide to students with complaints?

Fed up with slow administration responses, students have taken complaints to the press and social media -- to the frustration of their institutions. What other options do students have before they go public?

OCR letter says completed Title IX investigations in 2014 lasted more than 4 years

Federal investigations of campus sexual assault are supposed to take 180 days, but in 2014, the average length was 1,469 days.

American flags at center of campus controversies


Though protected by the First Amendment, protests involving stepping on the American flag create furors at colleges.

Students accused of sexual assault struggle to win gender bias lawsuits

As more men turn to Title IX to defend themselves from sexual assault accusations by their colleges, they find long odds against them. As a result, some turn to OCR.

University's action over student who posted a swastika on a bulletin board sets off international debate

George Washington U is taking action against Jewish student who posted a symbol he brought back from India. Other campuses are accused of not doing enough about the hateful use of the image.


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