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UCLA student government questions judicial board nominee for being Jewish

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UCLA student government panel, interviewing candidate for judicial post, initially rejected her for being Jewish and involved in Jewish groups.

How institutions handle drug violations varies greatly

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Recent arrests at Wesleyan following Molly overdoses raise questions of why drug arrests are so rare at small private colleges -- but common elsewhere.

Four Wesleyan students arrested in investigation of drug hospitalizations

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Charges follow hospitalizations of 12 after use of club drug Molly. University immediately suspends those who were arrested.

Open letter calls for legislators to reconsider campus sexual assault bills

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Student affairs and anticrime groups warn that state legislation designed to prevent sexual assaults on campus is being poorly drafted and could hurt the efforts lawmakers want to encourage.

Incoming students' 'emotional health' at all-time low, survey says

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Nearly 10 percent of incoming freshmen -- a near-all-time high -- say they feel "frequently depressed," reports an annual survey.

Measles outbreak raises issues for colleges

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Students at four colleges appear to have the disease. Experts say it is crucial for colleges to review immunization records.


Dartmouth bans hard alcohol in effort to curb 'extreme behaviors' on campus

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President pushes to create house system, ban hard alcohol and fight grade inflation -- all in the name of stopping "extreme behaviors."

Study finds big gaps between student and employer perceptions

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Survey finds that college students think they are being well-prepared with the skills and qualities needed for careers. Employers are dubious.

Critics, advocates doubt oft-cited campus sexual assault statistic

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It's been used to galvanize a growing movement against campus sexual assault, but critics say an often-cited statistic about the prevalence of campus sexual assault is not very reliable.

Campus advocates on sexual assault issues fear impact of 'Rolling Stone' article that boosted their cause

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An article that prompted calls for heightened campus action to prevent and punish sexual assault is discredited. Will a backlash hurt these efforts?


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