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Fordham declines to ban Ann Coulter, but her invitation is rescinded

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Fordham president rejects requests that he bar her from appearing on campus, but Republican group that invited her calls off the event.

For students who prefer books to parties, colleges offer quiet housing to maintain an academic atmosphere

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Acknowledging that some students want to be able to study in their dorm rooms, colleges offer quiet housing options for students who need a calmer environment than the average residence hall might offer. 

Colleges name commencement speakers

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The following colleges and universities have announced their commencement speakers for spring 2013:

Open forum on how colleges cope with Hurricane Sandy

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An open forum on how colleges are dealing with the impact of an extremely powerful hurricane.

Book argues colleges should do a better job engaging with religion

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A new book argues that colleges can find revitalization by paying more attention to religion on campus.

Court reinstates conservative paper's free speech lawsuit at Oregon State

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Appeals court reinstates lawsuit charging Oregon State U. administrators with violating rights of conservative student journalists by tossing their newsbins according to an unwritten campus policy.

Bystander intervention theme at SCOPE prevention education conference

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Colleges are finding new ways to teach students the technique to combat sexual assault and bullying, and it's paying off in unexpected ways.

Global, Local, or ‘Glocal’: Identity for Higher Education in an International Context

Wed, 05/01/2013 to Fri, 05/03/2013


Montreal , Quebec

Duke eliminates statute of limitations for sex assault cases after confusion with OCR

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After cutting its statute of limitations for students alleging sexual assault from two years to one to comply, officials thought, with federal guidelines, Duke backtracks and eliminates the statute completely.


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