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Presidential campaigns' efforts to attract the student vote vary widely

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Students are an important demographic, but what they see of the election right now depends a lot on where they go to college. Sanders and Clinton camps are both making the youth vote a target. And yes, there are Students for Trump chapters, but they're not huge (and maybe they aren't all serious).

Author of 'Higher Education and Employability' discusses the book's themes

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A new book argues that colleges of all kinds need to help their students better prepare for the world of work. A Q&A with the book's author, Peter Stokes.

A Poem in Response to Umpqua Community College Mass Shooting

I remember the silver old people who loved me
In the church my great-grandfather helped build.
I remember the nursery school in my grandmother's
Backyard and the swing set and the tall jungle gym.
I remember the classroom speaker above the blackboard
Telling us the president was shot and to go right home.
I remember the teacher in junior high who had to rush
Out of class when blood began to run down her leg.
I remember the high school audience shadowed in the dark
As I sang and danced and tried to remember my lines.
I remember my favorite professor who whispered to us
When she wasn't teaching she was writing poems at home.
I remember the students who put up with me even
When I was still figuring out what they needed most.
I don't remember seeing anyone killed in any of the places
I remember loving those who loved me without asking.

Laurence Musgrove is professor and chair of English and modern languages at Angelo State University.

Administrator for Dartmouth Native American program withdraws amid questions about her Indian status

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After questions about her own ethnic status, official named to lead college's program for Native American students will not take the position.

Nonacademic skills test from ETS fills in blanks on student's likelihood of success

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Colleges are using a nonacademic skills test from ETS to try to boost graduation rates and in remedial course placement. One university gives the test to all its athletes.

Court rules that U of Kansas can't expel students over remarks on Twitter, made off campus

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U of Kansas ordered to readmit student who made offensive comments about his ex-girlfriend, also a student. University's concerns about Title IX are rejected.

Dean of students

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Fri, 09/25/2015


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