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Employment outcomes still better for college graduates, despite recession

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New study finds that recent college graduates weathered the recession better than their 21- to 24-year-old counterparts with only a high school diploma.

Kink clubs like Harvard's well-established, healthy for students

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Harvard is just the latest campus to sanction a kinky sex club, which students and experts say is a healthy and positive educational tool.

Atlanta Interfaith Leadership Institute (ILI)

Fri, 01/25/2013 to Sun, 01/27/2013


The Loudermilk Center
30303 Atlanta , Georgia
United States

College cases highlight complexity of same-sex, male-victim sexual assaults

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Colleges must take special consideration when addressing and preventing sexual assault involving male victims and gay or lesbian students.

Colleges announce commencement speakers

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The following colleges and universities have announced their commencement speakers for spring 2013:

Pleasing prevention educators, faculty get involved in the effort

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Staff who educate on health issues from alcohol abuse to sexual assault want help from the people students really look to learn from: faculty.

Fordham declines to ban Ann Coulter, but her invitation is rescinded

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Fordham president rejects requests that he bar her from appearing on campus, but Republican group that invited her calls off the event.

For students who prefer books to parties, colleges offer quiet housing to maintain an academic atmosphere

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Acknowledging that some students want to be able to study in their dorm rooms, colleges offer quiet housing options for students who need a calmer environment than the average residence hall might offer. 


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