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Pitzer students debate free speech, student safety and cultural appropriation


A one-line critique of the fashion choices of some white women leads to debate over journalism and cultural appropriation, and to threats made to Latina students.

Middlebury president vows 'accountability' for those who disrupted lecture and attacked professor

College will investigate those who engaged in "acts of disruption and violence."

Liberty and Bob Jones Universities may run afoul of Obama Title IX protections for LGBT students

Obama administration guidelines for LGBT student protections under Title IX remain in place, and the student codes at Liberty and Bob Jones Universities appear to violate them.

Michigan State will ban whiteboards from dormitory doors


Michigan State plans to bar them from dormitory room doors, in attempt to limit bullying.

Some Chinese students at UC San Diego condemn choice of Dalai Lama as commencement speaker

Some at UC San Diego object to their university's choice of commencement speaker.

In wake of violent protests, colleges prepare for chaos

Recent violent protests by off-campus anarchist groups, most notably at Berkeley, are sparking renewed conversations among college law enforcement officials about campus preparedness.

After Trump entry ban, Iranian students and scholars share their stories


Iranian scholars and students in the U.S. reflect on Trump’s executive order -- temporarily suspended by federal court -- barring travel from their country.

Violent protests by visiting mob lead Berkeley to cancel speech by Milo Yiannopoulos

California campus is latest to be inflamed by protests -- reportedly fueled by visiting mob from off the campus -- over appearances by the Breitbart writer and provocateur. UPDATE: Trump suggests university should lose federal funds.

Few colleges use controversial sexual misconduct policy adopted by Stanford

Stanford faces criticism for policies requiring a supermajority or unanimous vote when deciding responsibility in sexual misconduct cases. Few other institutions have a similar process.

Will colleges still use preponderance of evidence standard if 2011 guidance is reversed?

If Trump administration changes the rules on colleges’ obligations in adjudicating sex assault charges, will institutions change their policies?


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