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Some dorm room deposits are called unethical

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Students spend countless thousands on housing fees for dorms they may never live in at colleges and universities they may never attend. Are these charges ethical?

Students fuel interest in bitcoin in higher education

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College students are leading the charge for bitcoin in higher education, with charitable and entrepreneurial efforts topping their lists.

Incoming freshmen more driven by money than ever, survey shows

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The impact of rising costs in a post-recession economy on the concerns and decisions of incoming freshmen is stronger than ever, an annual survey shows.

Unusual presidential candor at U.Va. sexual misconduct conference

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Presidents whose campuses have been shaken by sexual misconduct speak about the issue with unusual candor at a University of Virginia "dialogue."

Obama task force on sexual assault to seek input from colleges

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A federal task force convened by President Obama takes government enforcement even further, but promises to consult with college officials this time.

Gallup-Purdue study will measure graduates' quality of life outcomes

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Largest-ever study of American graduates will look at quality-of-life measures beyond job attainment and compensation, but some question what it says about colleges.

Digital Freedom Group's road to recognition sparks legal debate at Iowa State U.

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A student group's road to recognition at Iowa State University leads the institution to examine where privacy and legality overlap.

NSSE 2013 measure student engagement and learning outcomes

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Revamped version of annual survey, NSSE, examines students' use of effective learning practices, academic advising and technology in the classroom.

Study links binge drinking and low critical thinking skills, with a caveat

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Students who binge drink during college have significantly worse critical thinking skills than non-bingers upon graduation -- but only if they started college with comparatively low skills, study says.

Segregated sororities not limited to Alabama, experts say

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Segregation in sororities is neither a surprise nor unique to Alabama, experts on the Greek system say.


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