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Campuses see flurry of racist incidents and protests against racism


Blackface photos, tweets about lynching, swastikas and slurs roil campuses. Students rally against those incidents, which experts say aren't new but are finally getting attention. National anthem protests spread.

Protests, racist incidents lead to more multicultural programs on campuses


As first academic year since last fall's protests start, many colleges are adding diversity programs to orientation or requiring students to complete online multicultural training.

U of Chicago letter to new students on safe spaces sets off intense debate

The university's note to new students sets off national debate on safe spaces, trigger warnings and more. Presidents of Bowdoin and Yale, with different tone, urge engagement with uncomfortable ideas.

U of Chicago warns incoming students not to expect safe spaces or trigger warnings

After a year of protests nationwide, one university is trying to be clear about what students should expect.

Stanford's ban on large containers of hard alcohol sparks debate about sexual assault

Stanford adopts policy banning large containers of hard alcohol on campus, leading to criticism that such policies do little to protect victims of campus sexual assault.

Victims, advocates worry about bias in campus hearings

Possible bias during hearing processes continues to be a concern for students reporting campus sexual assault.

Pitzer student's posting seeking minority roommates sets off broad debate


Minority student at Pitzer advertised for nonwhite roommate. Her president was critical. Does reaction ignore reality that many white students get white roommates all the time?

Sexual assault victims urge colleges to apologize for mishandling cases

Students who say colleges have mishandled sexual assault complaints demand on social media that colleges #JustSaySorry. Colleges have long been hesitant to apologize, even when found to be at fault.

Digital badging spreads as more colleges use vendors to create alternative credentials


More colleges are issuing digital badges to help their students display skills to employers or graduate programs, and colleges are tapping vendor platforms to create a verified form of the alternative credentials.

Federal appeals court revives Title IX suit by male student challenging sex assault finding

Federal appeals court finds enough evidence of possible antimale bias to revive a lawsuit. Ruling could inspire more litigation.


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