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First batch of Tennessee Promise students kick off academic year

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Tennessee is enrolling far more community college students than had been expected in program that is model for Obama proposal.

Henderson State students say rule barring sagging pants targets black students

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Henderson State University bars pants that fall too far below the waist. Students say the rule is unfair to African-Americans.

Bill would strengthen due process rights of students, fraternities accused of sexual misconduct

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New legislation, backed by Greek lobbyists, aims to change the rules on campus Title IX investigations. Advocates for victims say it would be a step backward.

Suit against U California San Diego could provide framework for other students accused of assault

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California court rejects a public university's findings of sexual assault by a male student. Some say case points to tensions over due process at many institutions.

New court ruling slows momentum of lawsuits challenging unpaid internships

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After an initial ruling in a lawsuit struck a blow against unpaid internships, a new ruling gives the arrangement fresh legs.

What should educators make of spray-painting campus statues and symbols of the old South?

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Some people aren't waiting patiently for colleges to rename buildings or remove statues of racist figures of the Southern past. Is spray paint the appropriate tool? Some experts predict a rise in "historical guerrilla warfare."

Study examines bystander behavior in cyberbullying cases

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A study on bystander behavior and cyberbullying raises questions about student behavior in large online courses.

Colleges turning to judges in campus sexual assault cases

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Some colleges are hiring retired judges to run hearings on sexual assault charges. Is this an improvement?

Greek councils, administrators clash over how to sanction fraternities

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Should all-male panels of fraternity members be deciding on the guilt of fraternities accused of, among other things, harassing and violating the privacy of women? Can Greek systems be fair in judging their own?

New survey finds 1 in 5 college women have experienced sexual assault

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Federal study showing that 20 percent of college women were sexually assaulted has been widely questioned, but a new national study has the same finding.


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