Do-It-Yourself Ranking

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The National Research Council says its new ratings methodology makes it impossible for any department to claim any ordinal rank. That didn't stop Penn State's philosophers.

A Shift in Direction at Howard

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The university's first truly sweeping academic review doubles down on graduate programs, but would gut more than two dozen departments.

He Won't Censor Himself

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Shit happens.

That's reality, according to Daniel Petersen, who has taught philosophy for 21 years at Hawaii Community College and the University of Hawaii at Hilo. And it's a reality he shared -- in those words -- with his students. Now he says he is sharing that reality in the collapse of his teaching career, which he attributes to the aftermath of a complaint from the father of a student over a few instances of profanity in his class at the community college.

Boost for the Humanities

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Defying trends, Mellon Foundation puts up $10 million to get the state of Wisconsin to do the same for its flagship university.

The Philosophy of Snow

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Amid a major blizzard, many philosophers can't get to their annual meeting -- and some job candidates lose shots at in-person interviews.

A Leaner Howard U.

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University moves to eliminate or change 40% of its degree programs so that science can receive more emphasis. Philosophy survives; classics does not.

Yanked from the Margins

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New panel is charged by bipartisan quartet of Congressmen to find 10 ways to strengthen the humanities and social sciences.

Humanities, For Sake Of Humanity

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Prominent scholars gather to argue for the importance of their fields to the future of democracy.

A Call to Shun

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Philosophers debate whether to isolate sexual harassers by minimizing contact with them and ending the practice of inviting them to appear at conferences.

A Peculiar Disclaimer

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When editors of the philosophy journal Synthese appended a statement to a guest-edited issue apologizing for some of its contents, the move brought a call for a boycott.


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