Blog post asks whether nice academics finish last

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A professor's reflection on personalities prevalent in academe strikes a chord with scholars.

Study debunks myth that male faculty 'milk' paid leave

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Male faculty members don't take paid parental leave as often as critics assert, even when their spouses also work.

Campus and academic communities left to wonder why after a professor's suicide

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Death of department chair at Texas A&M -- a prominent figure in rhetoric nationally -- leaves scholars with more questions than answers.

New survey on faculty activities and attitudes

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New survey of faculty members finds decreased time on teaching, gender differences in classroom approaches, and more stress in the public than private sector. Plus new data on part-timers.

Authors discuss new book on academic motherhood

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Authors discuss new book about how women in academe balance their work and family responsibilities.


Scholars debate etiquette of live-tweeting academic conferences

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Scholars debate the etiquette of live-tweeting academic conferences.

Reaction to UNC chancellor resignation shows influence of Virginia controversy

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In rally to support outgoing UNC-Chapel Hill chancellor, reflections of U.Va. controversy and lessons about the limitations of that kind of faculty support.

Ohio court asks university to give back pay to professor who made shooting reference

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A frustrated professor said he wasn't serious when he talked about shooting students, but Bowling Green suspended him without pay. Ohio appeals court says he deserves back pay.

Senior professor's mass e-mail leads to introspection

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An open letter to his colleagues, decrying dysfunction at his university, is now prompting reflection (and praise) from academics elsewhere.

Associate professors less satisfied than those at other ranks, survey finds

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Preliminary results of national survey find their job satisfaction in many areas lags those at assistant and full ranks.


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