Hybrid Education 2.0

Researchers at Carnegie Mellon have developed an online learning environment that could make lecture halls -- if not professors -- obsolete.

Proof That Mentoring Matters

Study of economists -- complete with control group -- shows impact of coaching women on the process or getting published and winning grants.

Are American Students Lazy?

Adjunct's column, comparing them unfavorably to her foreign students, sets off debate over work ethic.

Historians, Sons, Daughters

A panel of parents and children in the same academic discipline consider their field and their generations.

Race and Merit at MIT

Institute, whose report on equity for women was considered pathbreaking, examines gaps in rates at which minority and white professors are promoted -- and the ideal of meritocracy.

New View of Faculty Liberalism

Study links a range of factors -- including educational attainment, gap between educational attainment and expected income, and religion -- in making academe "politically typed."

Housework Help as a New Benefit

Scholars document the gender gap in cooking, cleaning and laundry among scientists -- and suggest a new employee benefit may be key to the advancement of women.

2 People, 1 Job, 36 Years

Husband-and-wife historians at Earlham have spent more than three decades sharing a job.

No More Early Vacations

Think it's not worth holding class the Friday before spring break? Faculty leaders at Penn State want you to know they disagree.

Responsibilities: A College and Triplets

Carmen Twillie Ambar is president of a small college in Pennsylvania -- and the mother of three toddlers.


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