The Well-Dressed Academic

If you're thinking about doing work in a non-academic setting, style matters -- but there's no need to be intimidated, Jessica Quillin writes.

Just Visiting


Just because a position is better than most adjunct jobs doesn't mean it will get you closer to the tenure track, writes Eliza Woolf.

The N-Word

The adjunct fired by Towson U. last week may have been clumsy and inexact in his language, but the university had no business firing him, writes Cary Nelson.

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More Work Than Pay


If your college expects you to take on 12 months of work for 9 months of pay, what's a principled response? C.K. Gunsalus reviews the choices.

Hippocratic Oaths for Academe

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An expert on university management has proposed two "Hippocratic oaths" for higher education – one for faculty members and one for managers – which he says could help ­nego­tia­tions when conflict ­arises.

In a paper in the Journal of Higher Education Policy and ­Manage­ment, Geoff Sharrock, program director of the master of tertiary education management at the University of Melbourne, says that management does not always "mesh well" with scholarly professionalism, and there can be "intractable conflicts" between those who identify with one or the other domain.

Creating the Perfect Instructor

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Researchers at British university determine which characteristics go into a professor who will be loved by students.

Worldwide Academic Job Satisfaction

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Professors in Malaysia and Mexico are more likely than others to be happy; British dons are not.

There Is No Guru

Kerry Ann Rockquemore wants you to reconsider the quest for the perfect mentor.

Life Happens

New assistant professors, plotting their paths to tenure, need to remember that the road is rarely smooth, writes Terri E. Givens.

In and Out of Administration

Terri E. Givens considers why she took a vice provost's position -- and why she's going back to the faculty, at least for now.


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