The First New Orleans Verdict

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Our Lady of Holy Cross found to have violated rights of professor who was fired for pushing salary plan president opposed.

You Can't Eat Prestige

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Conventional wisdom has it that private universities are better places to work than public universities. The pay can be significantly better and tight state budgets have forced many public institutions to minimize raises and enlarge classes.

Tenure Reform Comes to Yale

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University panel seeks a true track for promotion and -- in move that surprises observers -- endorses the idea of nurturing young faculty.

$500 Fines for Political Profs

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Faculty members who speak on controversial topics would pay -- literally -- under bill approved by Arizona Senate panel.

Faculty Salaries Up 3.8%

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Survey finds greater growth at public institutions and continued wide variations by discipline.

Redefining Academic Freedom

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AFT seeks to reshape the debate about a core value by emphasizing issues of job security, or lack thereof, for adjuncts.

Making Grad School 'Family Friendly'

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For years, the conventional wisdom (with research to back it up) was that having children pre-tenure was a good way for a woman to derail or at least sidetrack a career in academe. Of course, with biological clocks running up against tenure clocks, that conventional wisdom was ignored by many. But many female academics have continued to feel that they face huge disadvantages from having children early in their careers.

Real Pay Increases for Professors

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Salary gains outpace inflation after 2 years of declines, AAUP finds. But survey also notes growing gaps among disciplines.

The 'Family Friendly' Competition

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In the last week, both Stanford and Yale Universities have announced significant expansions of the help that they provide to new parents -- with Stanford unveiling a plan for junior faculty members and Yale one for graduate students.

A Costly Thanksgiving Message

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Is a professor about to lose his job for sharing George Washington's words with his colleagues?


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