(Liberal) Academic Self-Selection

2 new studies suggest that bias is not the reason professors tend to lean left. But don't expect the debate to end.

Creating Academic 'Dream Teams'

A fantasy football-style application has been launched that allows ­research managers to compare the performance of their own ­researchers with that of imaginary "dream teams" drawn from other institutions.

Why Academics Suffer Burnout

Survey finds high stress levels for those who work in higher education, and especially for younger scholars -- all over the world.

The Guts to Publish

For motivation, two junior faculty members agreed to write five articles before Memorial Day -- or eat a heaping pile of livermush.

'The Procrastination Equation'

To some degree, everyone struggles with procrastination -- unless one has entirely abandoned the struggle in favor of watching cat videos on YouTube. And academics, who juggle an array of work responsibilities -- many with apparently elastic deadlines -- are no exception. But recognizing that one is guilty of procrastination, and even that it may have serious consequences for one's career or personal life, never seems to make it much easier to click away from the kitten clip.

Exercising Only Their Minds

Study finds that, when it comes to physical activity, assistant professors are too often "letting themselves go."

In for Nasty Weather

Is faculty life, as it once was, officially a relic?

Bringing Them Back

U. of Washington aims to boost number of female professors in STEM fields by recruiting those in industry.

The Gray Wave

An onrush of aging professors will force colleges to find ways to shepherd faculty into retirement while keeping them part of the university community, experts say.

Why They Move

In tough budget times, departures of top faculty set off debates over how to retain and lure away the best -- especially at flagships that appear targets for raids.


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