A Costly Thanksgiving Message

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Is a professor about to lose his job for sharing George Washington's words with his colleagues?

An Offer He Couldn't Refuse

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A professor who was sued for sexual harassment has agreed to resign from Washington State University in return for indemnification and a settlement amount. In a somewhat surprising move, the university will assume the legal burden of the professor, Bernardo Gallegos, even though it declined to provide counsel for him when he first requested it in 2005 and encouraged the deal under which he is leaving.

No Confidence Votes at Cal State

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Faculty unhappy with leadership styles, priorities of presidents at Sonoma and Sacramento State.

Moving Closer to Campus

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Jackson State hopes neighborhood revitalization projects will make living near work more attractive and affordable for employees.

Could Be Right?

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Study finds correlation between ratings professors receive on much-derided site and through official student evaluations.

A Flood of Censure

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AAUP condemns 6 institutions -- 4 for treatment of faculty post-Katrina -- and lifts sanctions against 2 universities.

A Way to Keep Domestic Partner Benefits

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In wake of court ruling blocking plans for same-sex partners, Michigan State shifts strategy.

Philosophical Questions

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William & Mary imposes outside chair on department. Is the college protecting junior faculty or punishing dissent?

Where the Adjuncts Are

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New research identifies the types of institutions most likely to employ part-time professors.

Handling the 'Bad Apples'

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Department heads, accustomed to running their own meetings, mostly listened along with provosts, deans and other faculty members during a training workshop in Seattle this week geared toward advising academic leaders in the science, engineering and math fields on how to manage their divisions while keeping diversity in mind.


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