Writers group seeks middle ground on campus speech

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Writers’ group has some concerns but rejects idea of a crisis. It offers guidelines that back free expression but also sympathize with the demands of minority students.

American University student government launches campaign for mandatory trigger warnings

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American U student government launches campaign in support of mandatory trigger warnings -- despite a recently reaffirmed faculty stance against them.

Philosophers' comments at two conferences spark debate over the limits of scholarship and how scholarly societies police them

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After controversial remarks about reproduction at one conference and gay people at another, scholarly groups consider whether they have an obligation to apologize for what was said or whether doing so constitutes censorship.

New grants to help institutions embed Reacting to the Past, other high-impact teaching practices in undergraduate curriculum

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New series of grants seek to help institutions embed Reacting to the Past and other high-impact teaching practices in the undergraduate curriculum.

New study could be another nail in the coffin for the validity of student evaluations of teaching

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New study adds to evidence that student reviews of professors have limited validity.

U of Chicago professors issue letter on safe spaces and trigger warnings

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More than 150 faculty members offer new students a different view on safe spaces, trigger warnings and diversity.

Professor who advocates Israel boycott is latest to face demands for records about her career

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Open-records requests involving a SUNY Plattsburgh professor who backs the Israel boycott follow pattern of challenges to faculty members with controversial views on a range of issues.

New study suggests continued bias in academic conference panel selections

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New study provides evidence that when those reviewing panel submissions see a woman's name, she is less likely to be invited than if no name is seen.

Lafayette professor goes on hunger strike to protest president's veto of his tenure bid

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Lafayette professor goes on a hunger strike to protest what he sees as irregularities and injustices in his failed tenure bid. He is the latest minority professor to raise questions about fairness of teaching evaluations.

Group seeks to block U of Texas from letting professors keep guns out of offices

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Group that pushed for concealed weapons on college campuses wants state to block rule that lets professors keep weapons out of their offices.


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