Study finds humanities majors land jobs and are happy in them

New data suggest that STEM majors are not the only route to success.

Co-editors discuss their new work on keywords for understanding academe

Co-editors discuss their no-holds-barred dictionary for academic life.

Professors debate the role of the historian (or lack thereof) in Ken Burns and Lynn Novick's Vietnam documentary

Professors debate the role -- or absence -- of the historian in Ken Burns and Lynn Novick's new Vietnam documentary, concurring that a lack of critical perspective makes the film more milquetoast than masterpiece.

Study shows academic job searches in languages value alt-ac skills

Analysis of a year’s worth of MLA job postings -- most of them for teaching positions -- finds strong emphasis on alt-ac skills. Are doctoral programs providing the right training?

At this year's MLA, many sessions focus on fake news in present and in literary past

At this year’s MLA meeting, many sessions will focus on fake news, both in the present and in the literary past. Can scholars of fiction change our understanding of current events?

Lawsuit accuses American Studies Association officers of concealing their plans to boycott Israeli universities

Court filings in a suit challenging American Studies Association's boycott of Israeli universities allege that candidates for key roles in association kept their plans to push for a boycott secret when they stood for office.

Brandeis calls off play about Lenny Bruce

Play about late comedian is called off amid student protests.

As more humanities Ph.D.s are awarded, job openings are disappearing

New analysis finds the number of doctorates awarded keeps rising, even as number of job openings drops.

After anti-Trump tweets, Fresno State removes adjunct professor from teaching position

Fresno State announces that instructor who tweeted “Trump must hang” won’t be returning to campus. He is among several non-tenure-track faculty members to lose their jobs over social media posts.

New book seeks to round out trigger warning debate with competing histories, case studies from the classroom

New book seeks to round out the trigger warning debate with competing histories of the trend and case studies from the classroom.


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