Humanities doctoral programs show unexpected boost in new students

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New graduate enrollments show modest increases overall, but doctoral programs in the humanities -- where the academic job market remains tough -- are showing larger gains.

MLA explores ideas to streamline letters of recommendation for academic jobs

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Professors can spend hours each week, or in some cases each day, writing letters of recommendation for graduate students seeking jobs and postdocs. MLA asks if this time could be better spent.

Despite warnings that young scholars could be doomed by open access dissertations, evidence is mixed

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There is some evidence that young scholars could hurt their chances at publication by posting dissertations online, but also concerns that lengthy embargoes could hurt scholarship and fail to recognize changes wrought by the Internet.

Historians' association faces criticism for proposal to embargo dissertations

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American Historical Association wants universities to permit blocking of online access to doctoral students' work for six years, saying such rules will protect new Ph.D.s seeking to publish. Not everyone wants to be protected.

British professors object to website that ranks them

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British professors object to website -- inspired by Rate My Professors -- that ranks them.

Ph.D.s as teachers and other ideas emerge from panel on doctoral reform at Stanford

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Stanford pledges to pay for a master's in education for humanities Ph.D.s who want to become high school teachers.

Blog post asks whether nice academics finish last

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A professor's reflection on personalities prevalent in academe strikes a chord with scholars.

Report reveals divergent trends in modern language job market

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Data released ahead of MLA convention set tone for hiring in the humanities this season.

Professor's tweet and university's reaction stir debate on academic freedom

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Professor's anti-NRA tweet sets off debate about the gun lobby, violence, metaphors and academic freedom.

U. of Florida history professors fight differential tuition

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History professors at the University of Florida fight back against idea that the state should use tuition to discourage enrollment in fields without immediate connection to jobs.



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