Ph.D.s as teachers and other ideas emerge from panel on doctoral reform at Stanford

Stanford pledges to pay for a master's in education for humanities Ph.D.s who want to become high school teachers.

Blog post asks whether nice academics finish last

A professor's reflection on personalities prevalent in academe strikes a chord with scholars.

Report reveals divergent trends in modern language job market

Data released ahead of MLA convention set tone for hiring in the humanities this season.

Professor's tweet and university's reaction stir debate on academic freedom

Professor's anti-NRA tweet sets off debate about the gun lobby, violence, metaphors and academic freedom.

U. of Florida history professors fight differential tuition

History professors at the University of Florida fight back against idea that the state should use tuition to discourage enrollment in fields without immediate connection to jobs.


New survey on faculty activities and attitudes

New survey of faculty members finds decreased time on teaching, gender differences in classroom approaches, and more stress in the public than private sector. Plus new data on part-timers.

Authors discuss new book on academic motherhood

Authors discuss new book about how women in academe balance their work and family responsibilities.


New College of the Humanities enrolls first class amidst questions on price and profits

New College of the Humanities, in London, seeks to meld the American liberal arts and Oxford tutorial models. But critics have focused on its £18,000 annual price tag and its corporate structure.

Harvard will change job ad asking for recent doctorates

First Colorado State, now Harvard. Job announcements favoring recent Ph.Ds. at these universities spur discussion and anger.

AHA recommends publishing placement records

History association urges departments to be much more detailed than many have been about doctoral job placement. Will programs listen?


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