Fee for postdoctoral programs irks applicants

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Humanities scholars want to know why some top postdoc fellowship programs are charging people to apply.


Author discusses his new book on why liberal arts majors make great employees

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Author discusses his new book about why those who major in liberal arts disciplines -- and the humanities in particular -- make great employees.

History professors receive suspicious email, suspect right-wing campaign

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Email, supposedly from high school student, to history professors across the country raises suspicions of a right-wing gotcha campaign against “liberal professors.”

Ball State debates how to frame diversity question on teaching evaluations

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Ball State Faculty Council debates how to assess commitment to diversity when using teaching evaluations, and how to phrase the question.

Germany's Humboldt University tries to return to its interdisciplinary roots

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Humboldt University of Berlin was founded to train students to think beyond single fields. After shifting away from the model, it has recently started a series of programs to encourage it.

Divisions within Hypatia's editorial board lead to the resignations of top editors

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Divisions within the journal’s editorial board, sparked by an article on transgenderism, lead to the resignations of top editors and suspension of associate editorial board.

Sikh scholar harassed over photo of another man in front of Trump Tower

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Conservative website used photo of someone else raising both middle fingers to Trump Tower.

Veterans, Globalized: Veterans and Their Societies in International Perspective

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