Sikh scholar harassed over photo of another man in front of Trump Tower

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Conservative website used photo of someone else raising both middle fingers to Trump Tower.

Author discusses ideas in his new book, 'The Toxic University'

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Author discusses his new book, which argues that politicians and “zombie leadership” in higher education are destroying academic values.

Some 1,500 adjuncts at CUNY win three-year contracts

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CUNY’s faculty union is starting to see returns on a major push of six-year contract battle: three-year appointments for long-serving adjuncts.

TSA ends pilot program of asking passengers to remove books from carry-on luggage

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Pilot program that alarmed faculty members has been abandoned, and there are no plans to restore it, agency says.

Leader in digital humanities discusses forthcoming move from MLA to Michigan State

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Kathleen Fitzpatrick discusses evolution of her fields and a move back to a campus. She’s seen much progress for those who work outside traditional monographs, but also challenges.

Academics alarmed by TSA plans to require books to be removed from carry-on luggage

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Faculty groups alarmed by potential impact of new TSA plan for screening carry-on luggage.

Colleges award tenure

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Arkansas State University

Anti-Turnitin manifesto calls for resistance to some technology in digital age

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Essay argues the age of big data is the time for professors to reconsider their reliance on the anti-plagiarism business.

Author discusses his new history of American higher education

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Author explains his history of American higher education, told through specific periods in the development of various sectors.


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