Margaret Atwood column revives debate about an accused and fired professor


Column by author who is a feminist icon asks if she is a “bad feminist” -- and revives debate over whether a university inappropriately fired a noted novelist.

Australia sees renewed push on study of Western civilization


New center seeks to influence curriculum shifts in recent years, which have focused on Asia and on the country's Aboriginal heritage. Some question whether country needs more study of white men.

MLA panel proposes overhaul of how association takes stands on issues

Panel proposes overhaul of the sometimes controversial resolution process, which some members value. Tensions linger over movement -- rejected by the association last year -- to boycott Israeli academe.

French professors protest article on France, Islamism


Paper in The French Review titled “Islamism’s Conquest of the French Republic” draws outcry, not only on charges of Islamophobia, but on its scholarly merit. An editor who joined in criticism is fired.

Fordham's English department adds grants for job search expenses for those finishing doctorates

Fordham’s English department is giving those finishing doctorates $4,500 each to help with the many costs associated with finding a position.

Judith Butler discusses being burned in effigy and protested in Brazil

Outside a conference she helped organize, the noted philosopher and gender theorist was burned (as a witch) in effigy. She describes the opposition and the experience of being attacked in this way.

Author makes case for 'surprising power' of liberal arts education

In his new book, George Anders makes the case -- in part with data often used against the liberal arts -- for what he calls the “surprising power” of such an education.

Author discusses his new book on why liberal arts majors make great employees

Author discusses his new book about why those who major in liberal arts disciplines -- and the humanities in particular -- make great employees.


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