Coloring book offers academics chance to be creative while poking fun at their lives

A coloring book from the University of Chicago Press? Yes, and it pokes fun at academe.

Drexel Faculty Senate looks into professor's controversial tweets

Drexel Faculty Senate is looking into professor's comment on Twitter about wanting to vomit when he saw a passenger in first class on a flight give his seat to a soldier.

Hybrid publishing platform Manifold enters public beta phase

Manifold, a hybrid publishing platform created by the U of Minnesota Press and CUNY’s Graduate Center, launches in beta form with features supporting experimental scholarly work.

Christian professors circulate letter pledging support to marginalized and vulnerable students

Liberal campus criticisms of the Trump administration and broader political environment are a dime a dozen. So a new denunciation of promised deportations and other rhetoric from faculty members at Christian and Catholic colleges stands out.

Authors discuss new book on role of Christian universities

Authors discuss new book on role and purpose of Christian higher education.

Visiting scholar detained and nearly deported

Texas A&M intervened when French Holocaust scholar headed to a conference was blocked from leaving the airport.

Research confirms that professors lean left, but questions assumptions about what this means for conservatives

DeVos accusation that faculty members seek to tell students what to think renews debate, on which research is plentiful. Studies say professors lean left but challenge idea that this results in indoctrination or harms conservatives.

Study suggests university presses publish fewer humanities books

Study suggests university presses are publishing fewer books in the humanities. Experts say the publishing industry is facing more significant changes.

Colleges award tenure

Harvey Mudd College

  • Vivien Hamilton, history of science
  • Gordon Krauss, engineering
  • Ben Wiedermann, computer science

Macalester College

  • Zeynep Devrim Gürsel, international studies
  • Rivi Handler-Spitz, Asian languages and cultures
  • William Hart, religious studies
  • Andrea Kaston Tange, English
  • Mark Mandarano, music
  • J. Ernesto Ortiz-Díaz, Hispanic and Latin American studies
  • Karin Vélez, history

Middlebury College

Study suggests top humanities journals favor research from elite institutions

Study suggests top humanities journals favor research by professors working at or who earned Ph.D.s at elite institutions.


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