Academics who study white privilege experience attention and criticism

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Scholars fend off right-wing opposition as concept attracts mainstream attention.

MLA report calls for Ph.D. program reform, including cutting time to degree

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MLA urges radical changes in Ph.D. education, including shorter time to degree, new forms for the dissertation and greater emphasis on learning to teach.

Digital humanities won't save the humanities, digital humanists say

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A series of critical articles have some digital humanists saying the trend has been oversold, particularly with regard to producing academic jobs.

Study finds that faculty members are more likely to respond to white males than others

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Study finds faculty members more likely to respond to inquiries from prospective graduate students who are white males. Business faculty appear to favor white men most, humanities and arts professors the least. 

Study traces relative success of those who earn Ph.D.s at more and less prestigious institutions

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Study documents impact of attending an elite doctoral program on faculty members' careers.

Fight over layoffs at University of Southern Maine boils over

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Anger at faculty layoffs at Southern Maine boils over. Professors say administration is attacking tenure, pitting younger and older faculty members against one another, and undermining liberal arts.

Lost faculty job offer raises questions about negotiation strategy

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How one tenure-track candidate's attempts at negotiations resulted in her losing the offer entirely.

Researcher casts doubt on plagiarism detection software Turnitin's efficacy claims

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Did the plagiarism detection software Turnitin cut "unoriginal writing" by almost 40 percent? Not so fast, one researcher says.

To see how liberal arts grads really fare, report examines long-term data

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Over the arc of a career, humanities and social science graduates earn as much or more than those in professional fields, new study shows, and are equally employed.

At MLA meeting, digital humanists share both research and success stories

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Aided by successful new faculty members, the digital humanities claim a part of the MLA's annual meeting.


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