U of Kentucky will cover up and relocate a mural whose depiction of black people has upset many

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Responding to concerns of black students, U of Kentucky will shroud a fresco on the state's history.

Cal State Northridge professor says he's being targeted for his conservative social views

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Cal State Northridge professor says university is targeting him for his stance against gay adoption. But his students question why he's encouraged an English class to attend an event on family issues at the Reagan Library.

Editors and editorial board quit top linguistics journal to protest subscription fees

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The six editors and 31 editorial board members of Lingua, a top linguistics journal, have all resigned to protest Elsevier pricing. They plan a new open-access journal.

Novelist quits teaching job at Phoenix College over loyalty oath

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Arizona is surprised to find out it still requires professors to sign a statement that was common in McCarthy era. And a community college loses an adjunct who was its star professor.

Author discusses new book on interdisciplinarity

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Author discusses new book that considers both the positive and negative impacts of an interdisciplinary approach.

Washington State U disavows syllabus with ban on certain words

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Washington State U overrules instructor, and says she may not have "blanket" bans on use of certain words or phrases, or punish those who violate such bans with lower grades or failure.

Academic hopes social media campaign might help secure wife's medical treatment

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One might assume a full-time faculty member at an elite institution would have his or her medical needs, and those of family members, covered. A Twitter campaign suggests that's not always the case.

Scholar who has made name as Cherokee is accused of not having Native American roots

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In wake of Rachel Dolezal scandal, a prominent professor in Native American studies who regularly says she is Native American is accused of misrepresenting her background.

Supreme Court takes case that could threaten financing of most faculty unions

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U.S. Supreme Court agrees to hear case that could effectively make dues optional for professors at public colleges and universities.

Northwest Nazarene stands behind decision to end job of noted theologian

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Northwest Nazarene stands behind elimination of job of tenured theologian, but will let him teach part-time for a few years. His supporters believe he is being punished for views on evolution and other issues.


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