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Debate over whether all undergraduates should take mathematics course

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Wayne State University drops what has been part of its general-education program for all students, raising the question of which fields are needed by all undergraduates.

Washington State extension professor says she's being forced out over unrealistic research standards

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Tenured Washington State U extension professor says she's being forced out for not bringing in grants that were never established as one of her responsibilities.

NSF warns universities on harassment policies

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Agency warns that it may terminate funding to institutions that don't follow the law.

Popular lecturer at Berkeley will lose job despite strong record of promoting student success

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Why is Berkeley getting rid of a popular mathematics instructor who seems to be achieving more student success than others without dreaded homework or quizzes?

Scientists debate conduct of prominent Berkeley astronomer found to have sexually harassed women

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Is Berkeley doing enough about a prominent scientist it found to have sexually harassed women for years? Did other scientists look the other way?

Videos of Planned Parenthood officials create new political debates over fetal tissue research

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Controversy over Planned Parenthood leads to new scrutiny of faculty members' research with fetal tissue -- including one professor-turned-presidential candidate who is anti-abortion.

Australian university abandons research center over ties to climate change critic

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Australian university's decision to forgo federal funding for policy center over opposition to a researcher's views on climate change prompts concern about state of academic freedom and exchange of ideas.

House committee draws criticism again for proposed cuts to social sciences

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Bill to set spending targets for science agencies has modest overall increases, but cuts for social sciences and energy research.

Does academic freedom mean researchers need not reveal their funding sources?

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U. of Delaware won't answer a congressman's request to find out who is paying for work by a researcher who denies climate change. Is protecting such information a faculty right?

Research suggests that the pipeline of science talent may leak for men and women at the same rate

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Has a key part of the gender gap for women in science and technology been eliminated? Or do the data show the continued loss of female talent in STEM?


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