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American ban on travel to North Korea could kill Western-style university there


U.S. ban on travel to the country could kill the institution.

Germany's Humboldt University tries to return to its interdisciplinary roots


Humboldt University of Berlin was founded to train students to think beyond single fields. After shifting away from the model, it has recently started a series of programs to encourage it.

Researcher returning to Taiwan to lead university discusses challenges facing nation's universities


A new university president, returning to his home after a long career in the United States, sees a research infrastructure that needs reform and resources.

Several countries launch campaigns to recruit research talent from U.S. and elsewhere

Britain, Canada, France and Germany all launch funding programs to recruit foreign researchers. Will they succeed in capitalizing on perceptions of the U.S. as a less attractive place for research?

Israeli universities expand partnerships in Asia


Opening of Israeli university in China reflects closer ties in countries not interested in boycott movement.


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