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Study finds decline in readability of science abstracts

Study finds “worrisome” decline in readability.

Pulse podcast features interview with founder of an app to teach algebra

Inside Higher Ed’s monthly podcast features an interview with Michael Eiseman, founder of the Algebra by Hand app.

Women's studies meets math in a new book arguing for a more inclusive cultural approach to numeracy

Women's studies meets mathematics in a new book arguing for a more inclusive cultural notion of numeracy.

Proposal would limit credit researchers receive on projects with many co-authors

Proposal would quantify how much reward authors should receive on projects with multiple authors.

Women in STEM Experience Symposium

Fri, 03/03/2017 to Sat, 03/04/2017


240 Paul W Bryant Dr University of Alabama
Tuscaloosa , Alabama 35487
United States

U.S. issues final version of 'common rule' on research involving humans

University leaders praise regulation for leaving out provisions on biospecimens opposed by many as too burdensome. Social scientists see some gains for their studies.


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