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Royal Society wants Britain to see equal value in datasets and journal articles

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Britain's Royal Society wants the government and universities to give equal stature to datasets and to publications.

Essay on how to judge whether a department will be supportive of female scientists

Sue V. Rosser writes about the importance of looking for signals -- both in policies and in attitudes -- in evaluating whether a department will be supportive of female scientists.

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Study examines migration patterns of scientists

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Study compares countries by percentage of their scientists who were born elsewhere, and tracks their origins.

Essay on collaboration vs. putting one's work first

Grad students and junior faculty members need to weigh carefully the choices associated with working with an established scholar vs. pursuing their own projects, writes Sue V. Rosser.

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Survey finds decline in attractiveness of academic jobs to science doctoral students

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As science doctoral students progress toward their Ph.D.s, they become less likely to want to become a professor, survey finds.

University of Aberdeen debates chair in alternative medicine

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Critics decry plans for an alternative medicine chair at University of Aberdeen.

Essay on issues facing aspiring scientists who are pregnant

Discriminatory attitudes may no longer be as overt or prevalent as they once were, writes Sue V. Rosser, but women in the laboratory still face challenges, and need mentors to make sure that no options for their work are ruled out.

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Virginia Supreme Court blocks attorney general from going after research records

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Virginia Supreme Court shuts down state attorney general's effort to gain access to records of a researcher who believes in climate change.

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