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The Pulse podcast features tools to help teach lab courses online

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This month's edition of the Pulse podcast features an interview with Jim Brown of Ocean County College, discussing tools that can help faculty members teach lab courses in online settings.

Study finds black and Latino grad students borrow more to earn Ph.D.s

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Study finds that black and Latino students borrow more than others do to earn doctorates in STEM and social science fields.

Johns Hopkins cuts science writing program for master's degree students

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Johns Hopkins University shutters its master's program in science writing for a year to retool it for undergraduates.

Essay on interview questions in academic job searches

Sarah Ann Fleming considers what you are likely to be asked and what you might want to ask.

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Interview with the authors of new book on STEM teaching

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Authors of new book discuss ways to improve teaching and learning in the STEM fields.

New online debate over women and science

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Popular science blogger reveals that she's a woman. Many fans of the blog are shocked -- while others are shocked by the shock.

Study finds BRICK countries spending on research increasing, but not always aligned with strengths

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Study finds soaring spending on science in Brazil, Russia, India, China and South Korea, but investments don't always match areas of strength.

AMS Sectional Meeting

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Study says academic productivity, not race, determines NIH research funding

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Study challenges earlier research that found black applicants less likely than comparable white applicants to receive NIH grants.

College seeks to fire professor for pressuring students to back Obama

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Community college moves to fire math professor after finding that she pressured students to back Obama re-election.


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