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Academics in Middle East and North Africa frequently avoid publicizing their research

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In the Middle East and North Africa, many researchers don't boast about their findings, explains one expert.

Colleges award tenure

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The following individuals have recently been awarded tenure by their colleges and universities:

Centre College

  • James Bloom, art history
  • Robert Bosco, international studies
  • Jennifer Goetz, psychology
  • Lee Jefferson, religion
  • Benjamin Knoll, politics
  • Stacey Peebles, English

Fairfield University

Senator criticizes 20 federally funded studies

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Republican senator renews debate over federal support for studies whose significance is not immediately apparent.

Barcelona's research efforts show success as Spanish higher education struggles

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A growing research institute -- operating outside Spain's standard higher education regulations -- attracts foreign talent in a city seeing increased prominence in higher education.

New analysis questions whether language blocks publication of work by nonnative English speakers

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Analysis finds little evidence linking language to acceptance or rejection by journals.

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Study finds researchers in Britain and Australia skip the truth to get research grants

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Seeking to win funds, researchers in Australia and Britain regularly exaggerate and lie about impact of their projects, study finds.

How LIGO and 'Physical Review Letters' worked together to publish the paper of a lifetime

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On Sept. 9, 2015, scientists decided where they would publish evidence for gravitational waves. Five days later, they made the discovery.

Rival editors raise questions about drug trial research funded and often controlled by manufacturers

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Rival editors raise questions about drug trial research funded and often controlled by manufacturers.


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