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Some colleges that took in Katrina-displaced students forgo federal funds so others can get more. Other colleges seek every penny.

Flat, Frozen or Facing Extinction

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Bush budget would keep most student aid and other college programs at 2006 levels – except for those it would kill.

Keeping His Word on Science

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President’s R&D budget boosts NSF and energy research, but NIH and other agencies tread water.

Another Peek Into the 'Toolbox'

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In an effort to shed light on the hows and whys behind students’ success at completing college, the U.S. Education Department has released a new report called “The Toolbox Revisited.” 

The longitudinal study, which its author calls a “data essay,” explores the high school class of 1992 as it moved from high school to higher education and compares its success, favorably, to the high school class of 1982 tracked in an earlier report, “Answers in the Tool Box.”

A Grilling for Spellings

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Education secretary faces tough questioning from Senate appropriators on Bush budget for student aid and other programs.

Heading South

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Many Rust Belt states see students migrating out, generally to the Sun Belt, federal study finds. Should policy makers care?

Homecoming on Capitol Hill

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2 former House aides, including top Bush administration official, to return to lead education committee staff.

No Retreat on Title IX

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Education Dept. tells Senate panel that despite concerns, surveys of students lead to addition of teams.

Marginal Forward Progress

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House actions favor colleges on some appropriations matters, but gains are small and are far from final.

A Spirited Disposition Debate

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Education school accreditor to remove "social justice" from a list of terms used to describe desired teacher qualities.


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