Education Department

An End to Picking One Box

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After years of study, Education Department issues plan for colleges to report racial and ethnic data without forcing students to choose one category.

New Perch for Outspoken Education Researcher

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Clifford Adelman, key Education Department analyst, to play same role for higher education think tank.

Regulatory Activism?

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Education Dept. plan for rule making to examine commission's ideas suggests accreditation as particular target for changes.

Textbooks, Barriers and Aid Forms

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Federal advisory panel hears testimony on a range of topics relating to college access and affordability.

Little Change for Upward Bound

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Education Dept. tweaks rules for prep program, but critics say they would turn some poor students into guinea pigs for others.

Will Anyone Listen?

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Experience of past blue ribbon panels suggests reasons why Spellings panel may or may not have lasting impact.

Rally for Title IX Changes

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James Madison athletes, blaming federal sex bias law for planned demise of 10 sports, call for changes in 'proportionality' provision .

Education Dept. Choice: Narrow or Broad?

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Election may influence whether officials focus rule making on new grant programs, or push policies on accreditation or student records.

Right Under Her Nose?

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Margaret Spellings says higher ed must change because parents can't find basic information. What if it exists -- often on her own Web site?

Rethinking Racial Classifications

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Draft of U.S. plan attracts significant opposition from some colleges, with experts raising issues of fairness and accuracy.


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