Education Department

Heading South

Many Rust Belt states see students migrating out, generally to the Sun Belt, federal study finds. Should policy makers care?

Homecoming on Capitol Hill

2 former House aides, including top Bush administration official, to return to lead education committee staff.

No Retreat on Title IX

Education Dept. tells Senate panel that despite concerns, surveys of students lead to addition of teams.

Marginal Forward Progress

House actions favor colleges on some appropriations matters, but gains are small and are far from final.

A Spirited Disposition Debate

Education school accreditor to remove "social justice" from a list of terms used to describe desired teacher qualities.

Mixed Bag for Higher Ed

House appropriations bill calls for $100 Pell Grant increase and level funding for programs White House proposed cutting.

No Surprises in House Spending Bill

Appropriations Committee adopts $100 increase in the maximum Pell Grant award; flat funding for biomedical research is intact.

Wrangling Over Unit Records

A proposed federal database of students' academic records, supported by U.S. commission, isn’t a hit with the public, a survey finds.

Research on Higher Ed Gets a Boost

Education Department to create national R&D center on postsecondary education, with a focus on community colleges.

Hispanic Students Lose a Potential Leg Up

Groups that help Latino youth prepare for college shut out of Education Department competition for grant funds. 


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