Education Department

Right Under Her Nose?

Margaret Spellings says higher ed must change because parents can't find basic information. What if it exists -- often on her own Web site?

Rethinking Racial Classifications

Draft of U.S. plan attracts significant opposition from some colleges, with experts raising issues of fairness and accuracy.

When Foreign Language Isn't Foreign

Vanessa Fonseca, now a graduate teaching assistant in the University of New Mexico’s Sabine Ulibarrí Spanish as a Heritage Language program, said it took her all of two minutes to figure out a non-heritage Spanish class she stumbled into as an undergraduate was not for her.

The New Top Fed for Higher Ed

Sara Martinez Tucker, U.S. under secretary for education, discusses her new job, the Spellings commission and affirmative action.

California Regulatin'

California has had anything but a proud history when it comes to monitoring its for-profit institutions. After all, this is a state that in the 1980s gained a suspect reputation as the “diploma mill capital of the world,” as a 2005 independent monitoring report points out.

Scrutinizing a Sallie Mae Stock Deal

Lender's chairman sold 400,000 shares days before U.S. budget plan sent the price plummeting. Lawmakers ask what happened.

Into the Lamb's Den

Relations between the U.S. Education Department and college leaders have grown increasingly strained in recent weeks.

Looking for Big Ideas

Education Department holds private meeting of outside experts to consider how student aid might be changed if starting from scratch.

Assessing the Spellings Commission

On summit's eve, many say panel has stimulated activity, but urge Education Dept. to focus on "national," not "federal," solutions.

Drawing A Hard Line

Accrediting groups give ground on reporting student learning outcomes -- but not enough to satisfy U.S. officials.


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