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Allegations of Misspent Financial Aid

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TUI University gave $923,000 in aid to students who had not qualified for it, Education Department audit concludes; institution challenges the findings.

Washington Whirlwind

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The summer lull in federal higher ed policy making ended abruptly, with changes in Senate leadership, new regulation from the Education Department, and reports from the White House panel on the middle class.

FAFSA Experiment Boosts College Going

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When tax preparers helped them fill out federal student aid form, low-income Americans were likelier to qualify for financial assistance and to enroll in college.

Mutual Back Scratching

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In conference call with community college presidents, Obama administration officials offer support and praise -- and subtly seek backing for plan on restructuring financial aid programs.

Ferreting Out Financial Aid Fraud

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Congressional hearing prompted by U.S. report on for-profit colleges features under cover recordings but, with surprising heft, focuses on underprepared students (at all colleges) and concerns about distance education.

In the Crosshairs?

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Panel appointed by Education Department to consider new rules on financial aid "integrity" tilts toward critics of for-profit higher education.

How the Sausage Is Made

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Education Department discussion of financial aid rules begins with debate pitting for-profit colleges against their naysayers.

Taking on Incentive Compensation

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Federal panel debates whether the government should revise rules on raises and bonuses for student recruiters.

Wanted: Obama's Help

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WASHINGTON – The leader of a major public university system called on President Obama and Education Secretary Arne Duncan to do more to accomplish the White House’s goal of seeing the United States lead the world in postsecondary educational attainment by 2020.

Aggressive Tack on Incentive Comp

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In first proposals on new rules on aid programs, Education Department suggests ending "safe harbors" on bonus pay for student recruiters.


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