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Online Colleges as a Policy Bloc?

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With tension of for-profit scrutiny in the air, leaders of online institutions convene in Washington to fret over state, federal oversight.

Switching Sectors

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Several major for-profit colleges make senior hires of officials with long histories in nonprofit higher education.

Measuring 2-Year Students' Success

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WASHINGTON -- A little-noticed provision in the Higher Education Opportunity Act may end up reshaping how the federal government measures the success of community colleges and other institutions that award two-year degrees.

For-Profit Lobbying Escalates

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Since start of 2010, quarterly disclosures show federal lobbying expenditures on behalf of the sector have nearly doubled -- from $1.3 million to close to $2.6 million.

'Back in Business' on Civil Rights

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WASHINGTON -- The standard line from President Obama and his aides is that after years of relative inattention from the Republican White House that preceded it, the new administration's civil rights infrastructure is "back in business," on the lookout for evidence of discrimination in the nation's schools and colleges.

(Almost) Final Rules

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In advance of today's release of most financial aid "integrity" regulations, Education Department signals some changes, but not in core approach or principles.

Foreign Colleges and U.S. Student Aid

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Final rules published by Education Department toughen requirements for foreign colleges and med schools whose students get U.S. financial assistance.

Congressional Chaos?

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A coherent agenda on higher ed policy has yet to emerge for the new Congress.

Accreditor Under the Gun Again

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Education Department proposes stripping recognition from agency that accredits liberal arts institutions.

The Rev. Al Breaks Ranks

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Unlike many of his peers among black leaders, Sharpton expresses support for tougher Education Dept. oversight of for-profit colleges.


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