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For-Profit Colleges Open Another Front

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Amid publicity blitz and vows of legislative intervention, the sector's primary trade group sues Education Department to block new rules. Suit faces uphill climb.

New-Look Default Rates

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Education Department's last test of three-year loan repayment shows rate for for-profit college borrowers rising to 25 percent.

Could Be Worse

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As House leaders propose cuts in 2011 spending, programs important to colleges and students would fare comparatively well (so far).

Spending Showdown

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House Republicans would slash deeply into programs for colleges and students, while President Obama would cut surgically from higher ed.

The Education Exception

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Programs important to colleges generally avoid Obama budget freeze, with sizable increases proposed for student aid and research. Humanities would get pinched, and a community college program eliminated.

Maximum Pell, at All Costs

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Obama administration's 2012 budget plan would keep the top grant at $5,550 -- but would pay for it by ending year-round Pell Grant and a loan subsidy for graduate students.

House Poised to Block 'Gainful'

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WASHINGTON -- They'll have to wait until some time today for the actual vote, and the satisfaction that comes then may be fleeting, because the provision faces almost certain defeat in the Senate and would be unlikely to survive a veto from President Obama if it got through.

But based on last night's goings-on in the House of Representatives, supporters of for-profit colleges seem destined to enjoy at least a temporary legislative victory made possible by the reshaping of the political landscape in November's elections and by the sector's overpowering lobbying campaign.

The Changed Landscape

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House budget legislation, which would cut Pell Grants and restrict regulation of for-profit colleges, shows how federal political environment has shifted.

Federal Judge Limits Use of FERPA

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U.S. court says federal student privacy law does not forbid University of Illinois from releasing records about applicants.

Ganging Up On 'Gainful Employment'

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WASHINGTON — A surprisingly bipartisan House of Representatives approved an amendment to the continuing budget resolution last month that would block the Education Department from carrying out its proposed regulation requiring that for-profit colleges and other vocational programs ensure that their students are prepared for “gainful employment.” Since thi


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