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'Back in Business' on Civil Rights

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WASHINGTON -- The standard line from President Obama and his aides is that after years of relative inattention from the Republican White House that preceded it, the new administration's civil rights infrastructure is "back in business," on the lookout for evidence of discrimination in the nation's schools and colleges.

(Almost) Final Rules

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In advance of today's release of most financial aid "integrity" regulations, Education Department signals some changes, but not in core approach or principles.

Foreign Colleges and U.S. Student Aid

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Final rules published by Education Department toughen requirements for foreign colleges and med schools whose students get U.S. financial assistance.

Congressional Chaos?

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A coherent agenda on higher ed policy has yet to emerge for the new Congress.

Accreditor Under the Gun Again

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Education Department proposes stripping recognition from agency that accredits liberal arts institutions.

The Rev. Al Breaks Ranks

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Unlike many of his peers among black leaders, Sharpton expresses support for tougher Education Dept. oversight of for-profit colleges.

Refusing to Play 'Whipping Boy'

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WASHINGTON — The American Academy for Liberal Education has withdrawn its petition for renewal of recognition by the U.S. Education Department’s advisory panel on accreditation, which, after having been dismantled and reconfigured, held its first meeting in over two years Wednesday.

Looking Ahead to 2013

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Education secretary asks his advisory committee on accreditation for legislative suggestions for the next renewal of the Higher Education Act.

Gunfight at the For-Profit Corral

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Under attack itself for corrections made to earlier report, Senate committee releases critique of flow of military and GI Bill money to for-profit colleges.

Charge of Illegal Lobbying Rejected

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Dismissing Republican assertions, inspector general concludes that top Education Department officials did not violate law in urging college officials to support student loan overhaul.


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