For-profit colleges

Ky. Attorney General Jack Conway battles for-profits

Attorney general Jack Conway has taken on for-profit colleges in a big way -- and some of their leaders are donating to his opponent. But will his multi-state investigation run out of steam?

College degrees increasingly help firefighters get ahead

A fire chief without a college education sparks disagreement about growing value of degrees for firefighters.

Hitting Hard on Fraud

A proposed federal crackdown on financial aid fraud rings could harm law-abiding students and community colleges.

Going Off on Online Rankings

For-profits complain that U.S. News is trying to rank virtual programs by traditional standards that don't fit their student profiles.

Another Change to 'Gainful Employment' Regs

Proposed rule would ease requirements for approval for new vocational programs.

Serving Soldiers?

The U.S. Senate is flirting with policies that could harm for-profit colleges' success with veterans and active-duty military students.

Online and Outsourced

Recommendation to create Nevada Virtual College, 2-year college to be run by outside vendor, provokes backlash from faculty members and some administrators.

For-Profit Seal of Approval

A trade group has created standards of conduct for the industry, and a foundation to enforce them. But will enough key players sign on?

For-Profits and the False Claims Act

Developments in two whistleblower lawsuits raise prospect that commercial colleges could face more U.S. pressure in the courts.

For-Profit Debate Redux

Senate roundtable features continued criticism of the sector -- and continued pushback against more regulation.


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