For-profit colleges

Don't Know Much About History

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Many colleges in recent years have eliminated majors or departments in relatively obscure fields, citing the need to focus on areas with growing student interest. Few, however, have taken the step Post University plans: eliminating majors in English and history and upper-level courses in liberal arts generally.

Growth of For-Profit Colleges Moderates

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Enrollment and stock growth of for-profit companies slow, but analysts say industry is still attractive to investors.

N.Y. Reins In For-Profit Colleges

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Citing scandals, state regents forbid new programs pending a review of regulations and rules.

An Agenda Begins to Emerge

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Better access for needy students and more "transparency" about colleges' performance top federal commission's early goals.

Different Interests, Same Argument

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For-profit and 2-year colleges join to oppose Pataki plan to fight abuses by limiting access to state financial aid.

The End of 'Hypergrowth'

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Monday's announcement that two private equity firms had agreed to pay $3.4 billion to buy Education Management Corp. means at least one thing: Some well-known and well-heeled financial folks decided that one of the country's most successful publicly held providers of for-profit higher education was a smart investment.

Florida Weighs Help for For-Profits

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Legislators consider a bill that would create a tuition assistance program open to students at commercial colleges.

N.Y. Proposes Tax on For-Profits

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State plan would charge commercial colleges a portion of their financial aid, and use fees to pay for fraud inquiries.

Progress and Peril for Career Education

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Company has resolved significant legal and regulatory challenges, but major problems remain, including a potential shareholder revolt.

New Source of 'Tough Love' for Colleges

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Richard K. Vedder has a lot to say about higher education, and he hasn't exactly had a problem getting heard: He writes regularly for The Wall Street Journal, has published a book about college costs and prices, and has testified before Congress on several occasions.


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