For-profit colleges

N.Y. Proposes Tax on For-Profits

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State plan would charge commercial colleges a portion of their financial aid, and use fees to pay for fraud inquiries.

Progress and Peril for Career Education

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Company has resolved significant legal and regulatory challenges, but major problems remain, including a potential shareholder revolt.

New Source of 'Tough Love' for Colleges

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Richard K. Vedder has a lot to say about higher education, and he hasn't exactly had a problem getting heard: He writes regularly for The Wall Street Journal, has published a book about college costs and prices, and has testified before Congress on several occasions.

N.Y. Approves Tougher Rules for For-Profits

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State regents raise standards for commercial institutions, but seek alternative to 'tax' on the colleges to fund enforcement.

To Report or Not to Report

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In California, for-profit colleges and state officials fight over appropriate requirements for data on graduation and job placement.

Then There Were 10

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Concorde Career Colleges is latest publicly traded for-profit chain taken over by private investors.

How to Judge For-Profits

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Accreditors and those they accredit consider how to evaluate the fast-growing institutions.

Proposed College Resurfaces, in Virginia

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Officials of for-profit Founders College insist that emphasis on liberal arts, not Ayn Rand's philosophy, would distinguish it.

U. of Phoenix Loses in U.S. Court

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Appeals panel clears way for lawsuit charging for-profit university with defrauding government of billions.

U. of Phoenix Accused of Religious Bias

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EEOC lawsuit says college company favored enrollment officers with Mormon backgrounds over others.


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