For-profit colleges

When (For-)Profit Takes Over

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Several recent transactions have featured private firms or college companies taking over traditional nonprofit institutions. Some investors, though, don't foresee a trend.

Can an Investor Buy a Community College?

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We may find out: Maricopa officials entertain entrepreneur's $400 million-plus offer to take Rio Salado's online operations into the private sector, which would be unprecedented.

Rio Salado Puts Brakes on Proposed Sale

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Officials at Maricopa Community Colleges say they aren't interested in investor's $400 million offer for institution's online operation.

The Private Sector Role in Global Higher Education

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At World Bank meeting, Laureate chief foresees major role for non-government universities around the world -- if they act as good citizens.

For- and NonProfit and Other Issues in Innovation

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Investors -- and regulators -- discuss the profit motive and emerging models in private higher education, growing worldwide.

Unusual (and Improper) Way to Lower Default Rates

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Federal audit finds that New York for-profit college paid off students' loans to protect itself -- then turned delinquent borrowers over to collection agencies.

Inflated Assessment by Phoenix?

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For-profit giant releases study designed to show how much learning takes place, but were the "before" and "after" comparisons of the same group?

Rescuing a College in Cleveland

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Investor's bid to bail out a financially ailing business institution in the Ohio city offers hope but also carries risks -- arguably for all involved.

A National Community College?

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The University of Phoenix came to dominate professional education for adults. Now its online two-year degree granting arm has grown to more than 100,000 enrollments.

Getting Past the Gatekeeper

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A college official charged with making sure faculty degrees are legitimate finds himself doubting the legitimacy of his own doctorate.


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