For-profit colleges

Readier for Prime Time?

With sights set on going public, Grand Canyon U. snags a leader from a crosstown behemoth in for-profit higher ed -- the University of Phoenix's parent company.

How the For-Profits Go for Students

At national gathering, administrators worry about competition and consider strategies: Internet-phone links, ways to position against nonprofits, and hiring recruiters from the military and weight loss programs.

State Collaboration on For-Profit Higher Ed

Those charged with quality assurance see need to work together, given changes in the industry.

When State Oversight Ceases

Temporary law providing some measure of supervision of California's for-profit colleges expires. The search for a new regulatory system is still stalled.

From Idaho to California

When Idaho regulators contacted two unaccredited colleges about their lack of state approval, the institutions seem to have relocated -- to a state where they wouldn't be so encumbered.

Breaking Up Is Hard to Do

What happens when boards and presidents quickly fall out of love?

Saving a Christian College

Weeks after abandoning traditional academic program to focus on adults, Crichton becomes latest small nonprofit institution to shift to for-profit model.

Nonprofit Colleges as Takeover Targets

Investors are buying traditional institutions -- but the hurdles, including "cultural risks," are many.

Food for Thought

Cooking shows spur enrollment in culinary programs.

A City Refills Its Plate

After losing a popular arts and culinary university, Charleston, S.C., recruits another institution to fill the void.


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