For-profit colleges

Beauty School Drop-Ins

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Texas community college bucks trend of shying away from cosmetology programs by opening a new school — with corporate ties.

The Scrutiny Spreads

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A House panel questions the Pentagon's oversight of distance education -- particularly that offered by for-profit colleges -- for active duty service members.

Update: Timeline Shift for 'Gainful' Rules

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(Update: Education Department officials announced Friday afternoon that they would delay until early 2011 publication of final rules aimed at ensuring that vocational programs prepare students for "gainful employment." Department officials said the move would not delay the ultimate implementation of the gainful employment proposals past their current July 2012 date, and characterized the decision as an opportunity to hold public hearings and other meetings to give the many people who've weighed in on the rules more time to "clarify the comments they’ve submitted and respond to questions

Looking West

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As largest regional accreditor toughens stance on for-profit colleges, two major companies, Bridgepoint and Argosy, seek shift to Western region -- which says it won't be a patsy.

For-Profits Battle on Many Fronts

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Sector turns to ads, rallies and big Washington names to fight Congress and the Obama administration.

Rallying for For-Profit Colleges

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Students and employees gather in Washington to speak out against "gainful employment" regulations and Congressional action.

Does the Messenger Matter?

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Tom Harkin, the senator leading Congressional scrutiny of for-profit higher education, defends his reliance on an investor who bets that the sector has seen its best days.

Senate Scrutiny, Round 3

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Partisan divide in for-profit debate intensifies as Tom Harkin's committee examines student outcomes and profit margins.

Raining on the Parade

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As community colleges are celebrated at White House summit, for-profit colleges go on the offensive.

Union Hypocrisy?

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NEA leaders criticize colleges that make deals with for-profit higher ed, but NEA does its own such deal.


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