For-profit colleges

Turnover at the Top

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Two months after ITT acquired Daniel Webster College, top administrators and dozens of staff members at New Hampshire institution are reportedly being laid off.

Crowding Out For-Profit Colleges

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Study finds taxpayer-supported bond initiatives shift students from area proprietary institutions to community colleges, boosting enrollment at these already crowded public institutions.

Served, Yes, But Well-Served?

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Nearly a quarter of all Pell Grant funds now go to students at for-profit colleges. What does that mean for the students, and for higher education?

Who Watches California For-Profits?

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Bill to provide state oversight of proprietary sector -- unregulated now for two years -- has chance of passage, but consumer advocates wonder if students would be better served by no bill at all.

In Search of Evidence, and Acceptance

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In proposed research center, for-profit college leaders seek ways to answer fundamental question: Do their institutions expand access or exploit students?

Back in the Oversight Business

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After years of fighting, California creates new state bureau to monitor for-profit institutions; consumer advocates say agency has little authority and gives students false sense of security.

Lacking the 'Ability to Benefit'

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WASHINGTON -- For weeks, spilling into months, those who watch the for-profit sector of higher education most closely (especially Wall Street analysts and some of the colleges' critics) have been speculating about what the U.S. Government Accountability Office was cooking up in a report on the institutions.

Following in Kaplan's Footsteps

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A leading test preparation company, seeking to diversify its revenue streams, decides that instead of just preparing students to attend other colleges, it wants to run its own. So it buys a company that provides career training to adults and has a virtual high school.

In the Crosshairs?

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Panel appointed by Education Department to consider new rules on financial aid "integrity" tilts toward critics of for-profit higher education.

How the Sausage Is Made

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Education Department discussion of financial aid rules begins with debate pitting for-profit colleges against their naysayers.


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