For-profit colleges

For-Profit Colleges Open Another Front

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Amid publicity blitz and vows of legislative intervention, the sector's primary trade group sues Education Department to block new rules. Suit faces uphill climb.

Massage Therapists or R.N.s

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New report argues for-profit sector is not producing the kinds of health care professionals that are really needed.

Focus on For-Profits (Yes, Again)

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At accreditation meeting, Education Dept. official says rules on how vocational programs prepare students for "gainful employment" will change "significantly."

'One Voice' for Higher Ed

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SAN FRANCISCO -- The assistant U.S. secretary of education for postsecondary education has been meeting with higher education associations to encourage them to find a way to speak with "one voice" and reshape public understanding of the role of colleges.

Washington Wrapup

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Leading Democrat blasts for-profit colleges; U.S. affirms $5,500 maximum Pell Grant; no earmarks in 2011 and 2012.

Disruption, Delivery and Degrees

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Author who popularized idea that technological innovation disrupts industries' established powers applies theory to higher education -- with warning to traditional colleges.

Unusual Gathering of For-Profit Colleges

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Leaders of dozens of regionally accredited career colleges meet -- not to plot strategy, but to talk about educating students.

House Poised to Block 'Gainful'

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WASHINGTON -- They'll have to wait until some time today for the actual vote, and the satisfaction that comes then may be fleeting, because the provision faces almost certain defeat in the Senate and would be unlikely to survive a veto from President Obama if it got through.

But based on last night's goings-on in the House of Representatives, supporters of for-profit colleges seem destined to enjoy at least a temporary legislative victory made possible by the reshaping of the political landscape in November's elections and by the sector's overpowering lobbying campaign.

For-Profits and Military Money

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New GAO report recommends further oversight of Defense Department's Tuition Assistance Program.

For-Profit Colleges and Cal Grants

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Career colleges shoot down plan to cut awards to their students, but new restriction would limit funds going to institutions with high loan default rates.


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