For-profit colleges

(Almost) Final Rules

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In advance of today's release of most financial aid "integrity" regulations, Education Department signals some changes, but not in core approach or principles.

The For-Profit LMS Market

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Blackboard may be king in the nonprofit sector for online learning platforms, but in the growing for-profit sector, it is still playing second fiddle.

Hirings Rocket at For-Profits

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National data show growth in faculty positions and stagnation in administrative jobs in all sectors, though increases of instructors are mostly among adjuncts.

Learning From For-Profits

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Amid increasing scrutiny of for-profits, panel asks what proprietary colleges can teach non-profit sector. And a noted NPR analyst says newspaper ties to for-profit industry will keep regulators at bay.

Congressional Chaos?

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A coherent agenda on higher ed policy has yet to emerge for the new Congress.

Speeding Toward a Slowdown?

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Online college enrollments grew by 21 percent to 5.6 million last fall, the biggest percentage increase in several years, according to a report released today by the Sloan Consortium and the Babson Survey Research Group.

At the same time, the authors say online growth might begin to slow down in the near future, as the biggest drivers of enrollment growth face budget challenges and stricter recruitment oversight from the federal government.

Community Colleges Push Back

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Community colleges have been the target of attacks from the for-profit education sector lately.

Flogging For-Profit Colleges

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WASHINGTON -- The release of yet another report highly critical of for-profit higher education by yet another advocacy group in the nation's capital barely qualifies as news these days -- except that the report and the reaction to it so clearly underscore how critics and defenders of the colleges are talking past one another.

The Rev. Al Breaks Ranks

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Unlike many of his peers among black leaders, Sharpton expresses support for tougher Education Dept. oversight of for-profit colleges.

Gunfight at the For-Profit Corral

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Under attack itself for corrections made to earlier report, Senate committee releases critique of flow of military and GI Bill money to for-profit colleges.


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