Historically black colleges

Staying Alive

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Edward Waters College wins round in U.S. court, temporarily staving off loss of accreditation.

Giving Due Process Its Due

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An unusual accrediting dispute could lead to significant changes in how colleges are evaluated.

Staying the Course at Bennett

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Johnnetta Cole -- at the behest of students and faculty -- agrees to continue on as president, rescinding her resignation.

Professors Without Pay

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Faculty members sue Knoxville College, charging that they haven’t been compensated for nearly a year.

Outsourcing the Faculty

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Professors at Delaware State say the university is trying to create a distance education program in which they will play no role.

Donor Reportedly Endowed a Chair -- and Filled It

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Florida A&M faces controversy over million-dollar gift to its law school.

Edward Waters College Regains Accreditation

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Southern accrediting group, after loss in court, reinstates the Florida college.

Black Colleges Confront Challenges

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At long-planned conference, a new issue emerges, informally, on the agenda.

Half a Loaf at Hampton

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Participants at liberal event avoid expulsion, but new gay rights group left in limbo on right to form.

Uphill Climb

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While all colleges in New Orleans struggle to recover, black institutions have some of the greatest challenges.


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