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North Park pastor suspended after officiating same-sex marriage


For officiating a same-sex wedding and then having her credentials revoked, the North Park campus pastor has been put on leave.

LGBTQ advocacy group challenges Samford


Alumni group accuses the administration of discrimination after it refused to recognize a gay-student group.

Historically black colleges, universities still need work on LGBTQ issues


Gay rights group gathers leaders of black colleges and universities to discuss path to making them more inclusive of LGBTQ students.

After news reports on tweets, queer advocate fired from Claremont Colleges


Former leader of Claremont Colleges’ resource center for LGBTQ students believes he was fired for his Twitter comments on white people and the police.

Samford gives up $3 million in Baptist funds amid dispute over pro-gay group

Avoiding rebuke of conservative donors, Samford declines to give LGBTQ-oriented group recognition, but gives up funding from Alabama Baptist State Convention.

OCR issues guidance on transgender bias issues and faces criticism


OCR issues new guidance that clear way for investigating some cases of transgender bias, but advocates for transgender students say the document is inadequate.

LGBTQ group causes friction on Samford campus


Though a new pro-LGBTQ group on Samford University’s campus has been approved by both students and faculty, it has roiled Alabama Baptists.

Christian college group tries to define membership categories based in part on views on same-sex marriage


For full voting membership, institutions must view sexual relations as limited to marriage between a man and woman. Colleges that teach otherwise may be nonvoting members.

Ohio State Drops Mascot From Gay Pride Parade

Ohio State University has dropped plans to have its mascot, Brutus Buckeye (right), march in a gay pride parade in Columbus this weekend, The Columbus Dispatch reported. Officials cited safety concerns in the wake of Sunday's attack on a gay club in Orlando, Fla. However, Ohio State students and its president plan to participate in some events this weekend related to gay pride celebrations.

On social media, many criticized the university's decision:

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U of Utah scrubs references to antigay groups in biography of honorary degree recipient

Students and gay rights groups object to University of Utah plans to award an honorary degree to philanthropist with ties to anti-LGBT organizations. And university didn't win over critics by scrubbing her bio.


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