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The New Clash of Rights

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A month ago, the U.S. Supreme Court ruled in a dispute involving the right of public universities to enforce anti-bias rules as a requirement for recognition of student organizations. The university's rules were upheld, dealing a blow to Christian student groups who argued that they should be protected by the First Amendment to receive recognition and to bar gay people.

Out Presidents

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Nine college and university presidents gathered in Chicago over the weekend and decided to form a new organization that will promote the professional development of gay academics as well as work on education and advocacy issues.

Asking More Than Male or Female

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The Common Application is considering adding voluntary questions about applicants' sexual orientation and gender identity. The application is used by hundreds of colleges and universities -- including many of the most competitive.

Legal Loss for Anti-Gay Student

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Federal judge refuses to grant injunction to block master's program in counseling from forcing her to comply with its equity standards.

Deadly Warning

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Rutgers student's suicide after alleged gay taunting shows that, despite a growth in resources, some students don't get help and there's still plentiful debate about how to help them.

Academic Freedom Verdict

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Faculty panel at Illinois finds that university may have legitimate reasons to dismiss adjunct who sent anti-gay e-mail, but that his offending students is not one of them.

Answering an Uninvited Preacher

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Mankato State students, offended by views offered by pastor who visits the campus, didn't try to ban him. They held a protest in his church.

Transgender Pioneer

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Kye Allums, junior basketball player at George Washington U., surprised by female teammates' support of his decision to identify as a man.

NCAA Considers Transgender Policy

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Working group offers association's first take on how its member institutions should deal with athletes who declare their status.

Goodbye DADT, Hello ROTC

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The death of "Don't Ask, Don't Tell" signals the return of the signature military training program to elite universities that banned it, presidents promise.


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