Gay rights/issues

Washington state 2-year colleges will ask students about sexual orientation on registration forms


Washington State's community colleges add voluntary questions about sexual orientation and gender identity to all student registration forms.


Settlement favoring transgender student has implications for higher ed


Unprecedented federal settlement finding a middle school violated Title IX by discriminating against a transgender student has legal implications for colleges, too, experts say.

Student expelled for being gay and charged $6,000 in back tuition protests with online petition

A student expelled for having a lesbian relationship and ordered to repay $6,000 in scholarship money is fighting back.

FAFSA changes recognized many kinds of parents

Changes to the FAFSA will collect information on both parents in a same-sex marriage or who are unmarried but living together.

Essay responds to an open letter from gay professor at Christian college

The provost of a Christian college responds to a letter from a faculty member unable to be open about issues of sexuality while remaining employed.

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Essay about being a gay faculty member at a Christian college

A faculty member describes the choice of staying in the closet or losing a job.

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Scholarly associations and individual professors weigh in on gay marriage cases

Three major disciplinary associations, citing research, file briefs with U.S. Supreme Court opposing measures that bar gay marriage. Individual scholars weigh in on each side of the debate.

Dispute at Franciscan U. over course calling homosexuality deviant

Is it legitimate for a college course to describe homosexuality as deviance along lines of drug use or prostitution?

New gay studies book grew out of an especially controversial college class

U. of Michigan professor caused major controversy with course called 'How to Be Gay.' A dozen years later, he has written a book on the same topic.

Judge rejects anti-gay student's suit against Augusta State


Federal judge throws out suit by woman who rejected a counseling program's requirements that gay patients be treated in a supportive manner.


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