Gay rights/issues

Lukewarm Welcome

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Boston College says it wants to have gay students and professors, but won't ban discrimination against them.

Benefits and Protection

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The number of colleges offering benefits or anti-bias protection for gay employees increased significantly in 2004.

Right to Discriminate Upheld

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N.J. court says Seton Hall can deny recognition to gay group -- even though the Catholic college's anti-bias rule includes sexual orientation.

Parent Trap

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Financial aid administrators are urged to reach out to same-sex couples so that scholarship funds can be distributed fairly.

A Supreme Battle Takes Shape

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All parties weigh in on law denying funds to colleges that restrict campus access to military recruiters.

Unedited Articles Infuriate Vassar Students

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Conservative campus publication admits that pieces contained offensive language.

Judge Backs Universities on Same-Sex Benefits

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Michigan ruling says state ban on gay marriage doesn't restrict health insurance.

Vendetta Against Lesbians?

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15 years ago, Penn State's women's hoops coach said she didn't want any on her team. A former player says she still acts that way.

Censoring Art or Protecting Workers?

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Center for gay students at U. of Michigan at Flint is ordered to remove hermaphrodite artwork.

Baylor Dismisses Gay Alumnus From Advisory Board

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University had gladly accepted his donations of time and money, until now.


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